My role was to concept, design, and produce the creative for this campaign. These four "Scratches Happen" scenarios got the green light:
1. Construction : The Revant core consumer is blue collar.
2. Fishing : Have a look at #revantoptics tagged photos and it will be clear why this was an obvious choice
3. Rocks : How many times have you dropped your sunglasses on the ground in your life? Enough said.
4. Dog : The Revant core consumer puts family first, and this certainly includes the family dog.
I would have loved to shoot each of these situations in their respective environments, but a short timeline meant I needed a way to execute quickly. Keeping all photography in studio was necessary.  Long term, I would love to see this campaign expanded to include more pain point situations with environmental photography.
Digital retargeting ads were created for each concept, as well as social media ads.  To test against the performance of the static ads, an animated set was also produced to match the creative at the top of the Scratches Happen landing page.  
As of this writing, the performance of these ads is unknown because of the very recent launch of the campaign.  That said, almost crashed the first week this campaign was launched because of a huge spike in traffic.  Also that week, a huge portion of product had to be pulled down from the website because the tech labs could not handle the number of orders coming in.  
Basically, this campaign was an instant success.

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