For two years in a row I was invited to take part in the Adobe Creative Jam in Portland, Oregon.  The theme of the 2017 competition, which is revealed at the beginning of the allotted 3 hours of design time, was "Totality" as the event was happening just days after the full solar eclipse.

I had just been to a music festival surrounding the Eclipse and, once the theme was revealed, I immediately knew what to do: create a poster for a future rock climbing festival in Patagonia for the 2020 solar eclipse. I named the fake event "Escalada Totalidad" or Climbing Totality.
While I dug into the branding aspects of the poster, my good friend and partner in the event, Kat Gifford, used the photo below that I snapped in Thailand to draw a stylized image of a woman climbing.  We layered the photo, that I'd taken days before, of the total eclipse (also below) to create the scene in the finished piece.

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