Yes, I am an expert in Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom, and Illustrator. Sometime’s that is enough, but you know you need more than an Adobe Creative Suite monkey. Whether you’re starting from scratch to build (or rebuild) your brand’s identity, launching a new product, or creating awareness with marketing initiatives, a full design process - strategy, conceptualization, development, scheduling, approval, execution and delivery - is the real recipe for success. It’s not just about making cool graphics (although that’s part of it!), it’s about connecting with your audience. Creative direction will dictate how to tell your story through visual design.
My own story began about 13 years ago when I was hired as an intern at a small creative agency in NYC. I quickly realized that the skills I was acquiring are a universal language that would allow me to work across many different industries. Since then, I’ve partnered with individual artists, large and small retail brands, SEO startups, digital media companies, and creative agencies.
My passions for travel, adventure sports, yoga, and general curiosities about the world at large are reflected in my work because I’m not just an Art Director, and not just a Photographer:  I am also a Pixie Warrior. Combining my personal and professional experiences to seek out the diamond in the rough. Chipping away at the block of marble to reveal the sculpture within, I find creative solutions for inevitable challenges.  With a visual language that is unique to your brand, we will make your story powerful and engaging.
A Process-Driven Approach

Along the way, we break out our work into two primary buckets: Foundation and Activation. 
Building your brand Foundation begins with looking at the visual identity of your competitors, as well as favorite brands of your “muse client.” Then we’ll move into a visual exploration of mood boards, ultimately defining the visual elements that elevate your brand to engage your audience. We’ll lock down specific brand assets are such as typography, color palette, photography styles, graphic treatments, logos and more. We will create any necessary print and digital collateral at this stage including, but not limited to, a landing page or multi page- website, business cards, email templates, social media graphics, lookbooks, and brochures.
When we get to Activation, we'll focus on campaign themes. We’ll develop engaging concepts, create any necessary photography and design elements, and execute across multiple digital and/or print channels. Email marketing, social media marketing, retargeting ads, print ads, and blog posts are a few examples of how we will reach and engage your target market.


So how much do my services cost? I divide my services' cost into two general buckets: consulting and deliverables. 
The consulting plans include areas like creative/art direction, UX and UI (yes, they are different), campaign concept development, email campaign strategy, visual asset management training, and workflow training. Use a consulting plan when you need me to work with you side-by-side, in the trenches, to find a solution, navigate out of ambiguity, or develop a long-term outlook for the visual side of your business. Consulting plans are available on an hourly basis.
A deliverable is a single, finite product that is created as part of one of the strategic approaches listed above. For example: brand style guide, landing page/website design, email design, editorial design, social media posts, social media ads, blog imagery, business cards, lookbook, press kit, retargeting and display ads, icon design, logo design, print ads, posters, and custom photography are all examples of individual deliverables. Deliverables are billed flat-rate as they are one-off projects.
What’s Next?
If you would still like to learn more about me, you can also find me on Instagram as @amyrollo and on Facebook as @amyrollocreative.  If you’re ready to get moving, send me a message at amy@amyrollo.com.  I can’t wait to hear from you!
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