I am a designer and photographer based out of Portland, Oregon.

After taking an internship at a small creative agency while at school in NYC, I realized that graphic design skills are a universal language that would allow me to work across many different industries. For a jill-of-all-trades-interested-in-everything type, this suited me well.

After a few years of working on big brands in NYC, I picked up and moved across the country for a change in lifestyle. Less rat race, more work/life balance. Back to the outdoors that I missed so dearly. For the last 5 years I have been freelancing for various businesses in this lovely city I now call home.

The last year found me traveling in the eastern part of the world, namely India and Thailand with visits to half a dozen other countries along the way. I spent the majority of my time abroad practicing yoga, teaching yoga, and rock climbing. I am now resettled into the gorgeously green city of Portland with a renewed energy for the design world.
You can get in touch at: amy@amyrollo.com
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